Shields Puts Palhares On Blast! ‘He’s A Dirty Guy, I Want To Hurt Him’

Jake Shields

World Series of Fighting’s Jake Shields recently spoke with BJPENN.COM’s Layzie The Savage about his upcoming title fight against fellow UFC fighter and WSOF champ Rousimar Palhares.

Shields didn’t hold back, calling his opponent out several times for being what he called a dirty fighter.

“He’s a dirty leg-lock fighter,” said Shields, who admitted that it’s much easier to train hard to fight someone who you truly don’t like, “This fights exciting to me because it’s a guy I don’t like. I mean it’s nice to actually have somebody you don’t like, it makes it easier to train and I want to go out there and hurt him.”

So why all the hate? Shields said it’s simple, he thinks Palhares goes out there and enjoys trying to hurt fighters even after they’ve tapped.

“I just think the fact that he goes out there and hurts people, not only for fights where it’s serious and grappling matches as well, just as a martial art he’ll go out there and try to submit a guy to tap and he’ll still try and break their legs.”

Palters has been apologetic in the past about his tendency to hold on to submissions a little too long, but Shields doesn’t buy it and thinks it’s just an act.

“He’s just a dirty guy. Acts overly nice but I really think he’s a sociopath,” said Shields, who said this when asked if he really thought Palhares holds on on purpose, “Oh yeah defiantly. He acts like there not, but you don’t do that 5 or six times on accident.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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