Shamrock Would Take Kimbo Rematch ‘In a Heartbeat’

Kimbo Slice Ken Shamrock KO

Ken Shamrock finally had his opportunity to shut Kimbo Slice up at Bellator 138 when the two met for their long-awaited heavyweight clash that was years in the making. Shamrock was able to take Slice down to the ground immediately where he almost locked in a rear naked choke, but Slice slipped through his grip and made it back to his feet.

It wasn’t long before Shamrock was on his back, looking up at Shamrock with a look that said, “No more”.

If Scott Coker presented Shamrock with another opportunity to take the fight, however, Shamrock would jump on it. “I would take that in a heartbeat,” Shamrock told TMZ Sports.

Shamrock says he has a lot more gas in the tank. He explained, “I looked better than I have in 10 years! Imagine now after I get some fights under my belt? There’s no way I’m going to stop after one fight. I’m going to push the envelope some more.”

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