“Semtex”: ‘Too many influences for young champ Jones’

Paul Daley
“Obviously he’s put himself in a position, first, as a champion you leave yourself open to these kinds of pitfalls. He was a champion at such a young age and he’s got a lot of people around him and a lot of his fights are in Las Vegas; a lot of influence (there). I don’t think he was at the stage to be mentally strong enough to deal with the pressures that he was having and I think it just spiraled out of control for him. He’s a great guy and he’s got great character. Look at what he’s done for the sport of MMA and look at what he’s done for himself as an athlete and for his family. Everybody in life has something to overcome whether its mentally of physically. A lot of athletes, they have money and then they lose money and then there is this drug thing which is frequent in sports. He’s gonna get over it, man, he is a champion.”

In a new statement to BJPENN.COM friends WhoaTV top MMA welterweight Paul “Semtex” Daley discussed the recent drug test of Jon Jones.

Is he right?

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