Sara McMann Calls For Rousey Rematch

Sara McMann may have lost to Ronda Rousey at UFC 170 earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean that McMann is accepting that Rousey is the better fighter. She’s campaigning for a rematch with Rousey regardless of the rankings.

Her words:

“I’m chomping at the bit to fight her again,” McMann told FOX Sports. “I don’t even care if she loses a title fight, I will fight her. I don’t care if she’s suddenly ranked 20th, I will fight her.”

“Yes, obviously she has holes,” McMann said of the champ. “She definitely has things that can be exploited. I was doing better in the first few minutes than she was striking wise.”

McMann believes Rousey-McMann II would be marketable for the UFC, “considering how many people felt like it didn’t go the way it should have.”

“Sometimes you just get caught,” McMann said. “It doesn’t mean that a fighter is better than you.”

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