Sam Sicilia Talks About His Crazy Bar Fight With TUF Winner Julianna Pena

UFC Fight Night 35 goes down this Wednesday in Duluth, Georgia. One of the fights featured on the main card will be a featherweight bout between UFC veteran Cole Miller and Sam Sicilia. The fight will take place on the main card of Wednesdays event. There is a good chance this fight wont go to the judges, with Miller’s ground game and Sicilia’s striking it may not even make it out of the first round.

Sicilia recently spoke to MMA Sentinel about a wide variety of topics, one of which included an epic bar fight with teammates Julianna Pena and Michael Chiesa. His entire recollection of the fight is included below:

“It was Halloween, a while back, and me and Mike Chiesa were out, dressed as lumberjacks -shocker, I know- and Julianna came out with us, too. She has this zombie hand, back scratcher thing. We were outside this bar, and somebody was walking by, and she touched him with the hand. She didn’t do anything forcefully or threateningly, she just touched him with it. There’s a college that’s local to us, and there were some players out there that night. Anyway, one of them like linebacker tackled her to the ground, hard. The guy shouldered her to the ground really roughly.”

“This whole big fight breaks out all because she touched somebody with a back scratcher. She’s on all fours, trying to get back to her feet, and this guy keeps pushing her down. She was trying to get up, and he’s knocking her back down. At this point, I lost it, so I started throwing at these guys, because there’s several of ‘em fighting now. Somebody grabbed the back of my collar, and I’m swinging, and I’m missing. Then, I started landing, and handing out naps. Mike ended up choking out a guy, and this thing turned into an all out brawl, just a disaster.”

“The cops got called and were on their way; we could hear the sirens. So we sprinted back to our car, but Mike wanted to go back and get his friend. His shirt was torn to shreds, so I told him to change it, so it wouldn’t be obvious he’d been fighting. He grabbed another flannel, which made no sense at all [laughs]. Mike almost got in trouble, but the cops looked up the other guys’ records, and they had a few felonies between them, so nothing came of it for us.”

“That whole situation went from zero to a bomb dropping in like five seconds. Juli got slammed down to the ground, and she goes crazy, like Flava of Love type crazy [laughs]. It was pretty funny, now that I look back on it. It really was a crazy night, all over something really innocent. The dudes were walking in, she said hi to them and touched one on the hand with the zombie hand back scratcher, and just got blasted.”

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. She was just being a cute girl, and the guy went berserk. I don’t know if he was wasted, or what, but it was nuts. It was kind of like Anchorman, with dudes jumping in from everywhere. Well, that escalated quickly [laughs].”

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