Ryan Benoit Kicked Sergio Pettis After The Fight Was Over, Dana White Says ‘It’s All Good’

sergio pettis vs ryan benoit

UFC 185 was an eventful night of fights. Two champions were dominated and lost their titles, Ross Pearson knocked Sam Stout out cold and of course Ryan Benoit came out of nowhere after being somewhat dominated by Sergio Pettis in the first round and most of the second round and caught Pettis with a big punch that sent him to the mat.

The win should have been a big talking point in the larger UFC 185 storyline, but instead what happened after the referee stopped the fight is all anyone could talk about. As soon as the referee stepped in and broke Benoit away from a downed Pettis, Benoit proceeded to land a swift kick to the rear of the younger Pettis brother.

No one was very pleased with Benoit. It was clear after the fight that the referee wasn’t jazzed about the late hit, as well as Pettis’ coaches who could be seen waving a finger in the face of Benoit as he walked over to them. Even UFC commentator Joe Rogan made a point to ask about the late hit right away during the post fight interview. As Benoit did his best to apologize, the Texas crowd watched a replay of the incident and began to let their displeasure be heard.

Some fans may remember the incident involving Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck, where Daley threw a punch well after the fight was over. Daley was disbarred from the UFC by Dana White who had plenty of harsh things to say about it. So, is Ryan Benoit going to share the same fate? Here’s what White had to say after UFC 185 about the situation.

“The kid was fired up. He immediately apologized after.”

“The difference is this: When Daley did it to Koscheck, I was in there. I went up to Daley, and– he didn’t care. He didn’t give a sh*t. He looked right at me and said he didn’t care.”

“When somebody realizes what they did and apologizes, it’s all good.”

[Source: MMAJunkie]

It seems as though Benoit will get away with this one. What do you guys think, was his quick apology enough to forgive the action?

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter