Rumored: Anderson Silva Wants Rematch on Super Bowl Weekend

With talks of a rematch between former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and new champion Chris Weidman, only reaching the level of speculation, any news comes as potential breaking news down the road.

The most recent and quite possibly the most promising save Dana White’s assumption that Silva already wants a rematch, came today from Brazilian sources.

Reported by Guilherme Cruz via his Twitter account, sources at Brazilian magazine, have reported that Anderson Silva wants to have his rematch with Chris Weidman in February of next year, and also states that the outcome will not be the same:

This is all speculation at this point as the source information can not be confirmed.

If this does occur, possible locations most likely include locales near Chris Weidman’s native New York. As Newark is an annual spot for the UFC to visit, it may also serve as home to the biggest fight in UFC history.


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