“Rumble”: ‘If you’re not perfect, don’t dog Jon Jones’


“He’s human, he’s not perfect. Everybody has been dogging him. My thing is, everybody needs to think about their life and tell me when it was absolutely perfect. You know? A lot of people don’t think about that. The crazy part is, once somebody is down, people want to keep stepping on you and hitting you while you’re down. They don’t want to reach down and try to help you up. The world is crazy like that, so that’s why, in my opinion, most people out there just look out for themselves instead of depending on everybody else. This world is just full of shit. Hell yeah ( I can relate). I see it. As soon as people see something negative, they want to jump on and start talking about the negative. They don’t want to talk about the positive. This whole world functions on negativity. That’s a shame.”

During a recent chat with MMAfighting.com, this weekend’s UFC on FOX 14 headliner , Anthony Rumble Johnson discussed the controversy around his division’s champ, Jon “Bones” Jones.