‘Rumble’ Johnson Talks ‘Yoga Mat’ Incident: ‘It’s Not Like I Killed Someone’

Anthony Johnson

UFC light heavyweight Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is set to face off with the dangerous Jimi Manuwa at UFC 191, which goes down on Saturday, but before the fight he had to deal with some backlash following a recent incident he had with a women at his gym.

Johnson apparently got into an argument with a women at his gym who was doing yoga around the same area that people were trying to lift weights.

They argued and it eventually led to Rumble picking up her yoga mat and throwing it across the street, according to him.

Ok, people get in arguments, no big deal. But after that Johnson decided to go on his Facebook and post a long rant about how this girl was ‘ugly’ and had a body shaped like a ‘bag of dog food.’ It went on and on, bashing the women and telling her not to try and come at him again. It was bad. He deleted it right away, but because it’s the internet it still got around the web and made its way to media outlets.

With Johnson’s past domestic violence issues, the ran did raise a few eyebrows, leading the UFC to conduct an investigation.

Johnson has since apologized to the fans and to the women herself, who he says also apologized to him. The UFC looked into the matter and did not decide punishment was needed in this case.

Here’s what Johnson had to say about it, to MMAFighting.

“UFC did what they had to do. They did an investigation and…it is what it is, you know what I mean? Nobody was – everybody was – well, the media made a big stink about it, made it seem like it was more than what is was, and they tried to put the DV stuff there, and I’m like ‘Dude, I threw a yoga mat and talked some trash.’ Who hasn’t got mad and thrown something? I’m human; I’m allowed to get mad and have a tempter tantrum – hell, I didn’t kill anybody, I’m not gonna kill anybody.”

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