Royce Gracie To Jon Jones: ‘Behave Yourself’

Jon Jones33

Following the news breaking that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had tested positive for cocaine metabolites, fans, fighters, and former fighters, all began giving their take on the situation.

Joining the group now is the 1st ever UFC Tournament winner, Royce Gracie, who spoke to Submission Radio to discuss why sometimes champions lose sight of the fact that he’s a role model for young kids.

“Man sometimes these guys forget that they are an example for the crowd. So it’s not just when they do the fighting inside the cage, [but] what they do outside the cage, the way they behave themselves. There’s a lot of young kids looking up to him. You see, he’s an example for the new generation, for the new kids. So he should behave when you’re the example for the new kids.

“I don’t agree with any recreational drugs or any drugs. But sometimes you lose [sight]. He’s the champion. He loses consciousness of how important he is for the young kids, and that’s not the kind of example that I want my son to be looking up to a guy that’s playing around. Well that doesn’t help, but a lot of people are saying “Well that’s just recreational. That’s nothing to do with the fighting business”.

“Doesn’t matter. It’s still illegal. It’s a drug.”