Royce Gracie: Eddie Bravo Endorses Drugs and it is Disrespectful to Jiu-Jitsu

UFC legend Royce Gracie stated in a recent interview that he does not appreciate Eddie Bravo’s endorsement of drugs and alcohol while being a role model in martial arts.

Even though it was obvious that a couple select members of the Gracie Family and Eddie Bravo never got along, nobody knew the reason for the silent rivalry. It was speculated that Royce Gracie and his family thought Eddie Bravo was tarnishing the art of ‘Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ with his brand of ’10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu’. Bravo’s adaptation of the art that Royce’s father made famous eliminated the need for a gi, making it easier for students of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu to transition to mixed martial arts.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Royce Gracie admitted that it was Eddie Bravo’s use and endorsement of drugs and alcohol that bothered him so much. BloodyElbow transcribed the following:

“I did what every man should do when he has an issue with a person, talk face to face. I don’t approve what he represents, you see it’s nothing to do with the match with Royler, it’s nothing to do with what with his jiu jitsu. It’s what he endorses, I don’t approve it. It’s disrespectful toward the art of what my father created. We teach kids, so I don’t endorse alcohol and I don’t endorse drugs.”

“My issue with him is simple. I don’t like because he endorses (drugs). It’s nothing to do with (which) jiu jitsu he uses, gi (or) no gi, it’s because of what he endorses. We teach kids. His message out there is ‘it’s ok for you to do drugs’.”

“I don’t care (if) you say it was prescription drugs, well get a pound of pot and walk into a police station. You gonna get arrested.”

“Once the guy endorses pot and endorses drinking, to me that’s wrong because I have kids too. I don’t want my kids involved with pot and I don’t want my kids drinking and I did what every man should do if you have a problem, talk face to face with the person. What did he do? (Eddie Bravo) went to the internet saying “Oh my god I saw Royce trying to kick my ass, ohhh he wants to beat me up, poor me’.”

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