Rousey Wants Vengeance, Offers To Fight Bethe In Her Hometown

ROnda Rousey UFC 184
“That’s what I want to do,” Rousey told Mohr. “I want to go and fight her in Brazil and beat her in her hometown. That would be the best way I could really feel like I’ve vindicated my friends, to go to her hometown and beat her in her hometown and be total Rocky IV on it… I’m going to beat this chick at some point and I’m going to put a finger down and you should be not surprised which finger is left standing for her.”

“[It’s] kind of hilarious that her name is Bethe (pronounced Betch). I’m gonna have a fun time with that name.”

In a new interview with the Jay Mohr Sports radio show, UFC bantamweight champion offered to fight Bethe Correia, her most outspoken antagonist, in Brazil, so she can avenge her former teammates losses to the fighter.