Rousey Slams Cyborg: ‘The Best She Has Isn’t Good Enough’

Ronda Rousey

The plot between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg thickens once again.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Cris Cyborg wanted a fight with Rousey, but said that if she dropped to the bantamweight limit of 135 pounds, she would die. This silenced the talk of a potential superfight for some time, but fans still dreamed of the fight.

Rousey has been expressing a greater interest in a fight against Cyborg lately, saying the she hadn’t gone anywhere, and if Cyborg wanted to fight, she needed to come back to the UFC.

Rousey spoke with media members in Brazil about the potential fight saying:

“I would fight her, but 24 hours after the announcement of out-of-competition drug testing, she asked to be released from the UFC. I’m under contract with the UFC, I can’t leave. She can come back whenever she wants, I’m here. She was fighting, it was a while ago, and she just got dropped five times in a match. And really, to be honest, I haven’t been really too impressed with her actual skill set. It’s only her strength that she draws off. If you remember when she fought Gina (Carano), she pulled her into mount two different times. Those are very grievous technical mistakes. The mistakes that she makes technically are absolutely terrible and basic. The only reason why she gets away with it is because of her strength, and people don’t realize how strong I actually am. Ask the girls that I’ve fought. They weren’t expecting this. Because I don’t look like it, it doesn’t mean I don’t have it. She doesn’t have any feeling in her punches, she pushes her punches. She can’t knock people out with one punch, she just overwhelms them. My pace, nobody can overwhelm me. And the way that she is on the ground, it’s absolute horrendous. And her distance is absolute horrendous. The only thing that she has is pace and power, and I have pace, precision and power. The reason why people dope is because they lack self-confidence. The reason why she was using steroids is because that girl does not believe that the best that she has is good enough, and that will always be there in her mind. And you know what, she’s right. The best that she has isn’t good enough, even on drugs.”
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Cyborg will be attempting to fight at bantamweight for the first time in her career in December. However, UFC President Dana White has said that he would never sign Cyborg, because of the backlash from media outlets regarding Cyborg’s failed past drug test, and an even greater fear of the possibility of Cyborg failing another drug test.


By Evan Stoumbelis

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