Rousey Pulling For Silva Over Weidman

“I think that Anderson Silva is pound-for-pound the best fighter of all time, and I really do believe that Chris Weidman is the worst style match-up for him. But if anyone can overcome the worst style match-up, it’s Anderson Silva,”

“Being that Anderson is, I think, towards the end of his career, I’m going to have to just pull for Anderson just because it’s like the end of it. I kind of want him to go out hot. Chris Weidman has an amazing future ahead of him. He’s going to be around long after Anderson Silva leaves. And I think that once Anderson vacates the division that Chris Weidman, it’s very likely that he’ll hold onto the belt for a while. But you never know.”

“I think they’re both very, very cool. I don’t want any of them to take it personally. It’s just kind of like Anderson is a legend and I just like having him legend-like.”

UFC female bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, told fans during her recent UFC Fan Chat, that she hopes Anderson Silva retains his title at this weekend’s UFC 162 event.

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