Rousey on TUF, Women in MMA and Defending Her Belt

Ronda Rousey had a lot to prove in her first UFC fight as she defended her title. Can she keep her undefeated record, and can she do it by way of her patented armbar?

She answered both of those questions emphatically back in February at UFC 157. Now she answers some more questions, these, of the literal sort.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Rousey broke down what she expects from her competitors as well as explaining the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, and more:

“It’s amazing and it really works out fortunately that these girls are a lot better off now,” Rousey told Bleacher Report. “It’s great that women can actually make careers now in mixed martial arts and make good money doing what they love to do. But I know they haven’t really given me very many props for it, and that’s cool because I haven’t done it for appreciation. I’ve done it for myself and I have my own selfish motives too.

Rousey went on to explain that mercy isn’t something expected from her opponents, and therefore she doesn’t look to give it out:

“I can’t really hate on them too much but it would be nice to hear it without a grain of salt from Alexis Davis for once or after the women’s debut in the UFC, Cat Zinganowasn’t saying, ‘eh…there are a lot of holes in her game.’ At the same time, it’s not something I’m expecting. We are competitors and competitive by nature. I don’t expect them to be bringing me sunshine, lollipops and daisies when all they want to do is smash my face in and take everything I’ve so hard to accomplish. At least they are being real about it.”

Rousey is coming off of taping the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter and will pit her skills against former foe, Meisha Tate, who replaced an injured Cat Zingano. Rousey explains that filming wasn’t exactly a joyful experience and that the season should be one worth watching:

“I’m happy it’s over and I’m concerned everyone is going to think I’m a psychopath because there is no way everything that went on could possibly be shown,” Rousey said. “There are going to be a lot of actions that are unexplained.”

As for now, pending a rematch between Anderson Silva and new champ, Chris Weidman, Rousey is expected to defend her belt at UFC 168 later this year.


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