Rousey: ‘I’m also the best striker’

“My MMA striking is the best in the game. It definitely is a challenge. With judo I spent so many years with a certain posture that the hardest thing was adjusting it. I’ve reached a certain level of competition where what’s required out of striking to come into the clinch to grapple is a lot more complicated than at the lower levels. It requires much more high-level footwork and striking to be able to use grappling at all… It’s a younger side of the sport that’s still developing. It’s going to need a little more time before we can reach the same standard the guys are at because they had a big head start.”

In a recent interview with USA Today (Courtesy, UFC bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey proclaimed herself as the best female striker in the business.

Rousey has finished all her fights via submission. Have we yet to see the best of the champ?

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