Rousey Enters Arbitration Over Dispute With Management


By Evan Stoumbelis

UFC Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey entered arbitration today to settle a dispute with the champ and her former management firm.

California State Athletic Commissioner Andy Foster will hear the dispute between Rousey and Fight Tribe Management.

Fight Tribe Management sent the request for a neutral party to overhear the arguments between the two parties.

Details are still being kept private by Tribe Fight Management as well as Rousey’s attorney Steven Bash who said to

Maybe it all comes out later in the future, but right now, like in any relationship that comes to an end, there is an emotional component to it,”

What is known is that Rousey want’s out of her contract with the management firm, however Tribe feels Rousey is still contractually obligated to be represented by the firm.

Bash went on to say:

“The fact is, that the representation agreement is voidable and null and not legally enforceable. Once we get a determination, then we’ll go from there, but that’s really what the issue is.”

A result is expected from the commission within the next several weeks, the decision will also be on public record.

Stay tuned for new emerging details in this case.

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