Rousey: Davis Has My Happiness Held Hostage

Ronda Rousey spoke to Sherdog about her upcoming title match against Alexis Davis this Saturday at UFC 175. Rousey has said before that other women just don’t want to be champion as bad as her because they can’t handle the stress that comes with being a champion. Rousey told Sherdog that Alexis Davis has her happiness hostage.

“It is kind of difficult for me to talk about movies so much. People have been grilling me about it all day. I can’t allow myself to be happy about anything until I beat Alexis. I hear so many things that is great news, but I can’t take any joy from it until I beat Alexis, I can’t relax and I can’t enjoy anything. It’s not something that I purposely do, it’s just that I really cannot. I heard about the ESPY nominations the other day and I could have cared less because I had sparring that day and the only thing I kept thinking about was Alexis. ‘Athena Project’ is a big movie franchise that I really hope to build up. I want that to be my franchise and Warner Bros. bought the book rights for me and Brad Thor. We finally have a writer brought on and progress is really being made. And I couldn’t have been less excited about it because I have to beat Alexis first. As soon as I beat Alexis, I will be so happy about everything else. But I can’t allow myself to be happy until that happens. She’s like holding my happiness hostage. And that’s why this is the most important fight that I’ve ever had because she’s the one I haven’t beaten yet.”

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