Rousey Confirms Her Love For Men — “I’m not a lesbian”

Ronda w turtle


UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey gave a very revealing and intimate interview to Rolling Stone magazine, where she talked about fighting, family, fame and of course, her love life.

Or for that matter, lack there of. Rousey says she’s just to busy right now to try and worry about dating. She does however want to set the record straight and shoot down any rumors that she is a lesbian. Rousey feels like there’s a stigma with women athletes and wants everyone to know that in her case it just isn’t true.

“I think it’s funny when people think that because I’m a female athlete that I must be a lesbian. And I’m like, ‘No, I love men so much that I beat the fuck out of girls for a living, just to take them all out.'”

“The kind of guys I’m into have lots of desirable women willing to do back flips for them — and, I mean, if you can look like a man standing next to me, then you’re a real fucking man — but I’m just not doing any back flips.”

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