Rousey: Carmouche ‘one clever chick’

The first ever female UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, talks about her upcoming title defense against Liz Carmouche.

On not training with the Diaz brothers for her UFC debut:
We’re kind of doing our own thing and renting out a gym and a house up in Big Bear and doing that, we’re bringing people in. You know, they got own huge fight coming up. I think one of the reasons why so many MMA fighters get injured is that a lot of people do their fight camps together. Whereas, like boxers, they take their fight camp and center it all around one person. So I’m kind of spoiled like that. I like my own, it’s all about me, I want my fight camp to be about me.” Ronda joked.

On her upcoming HBO special:
They’re following me around and doing a feature, hopefully it’ll turn out really, really well. I know that they’ve been very hesitant to cover MMA in the past, and I hope that this is like them genuinely being interested in wanting to cover it and not them trying to poke fun at us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, them seem to be very, very nice.”

On Liz Carmouche being so nice:
She’s smart, she’s one clever chick, yea, for sure. We had to do staredowns for the promos and stuff and sometimes get in face or something, that hypes me up, and she was very, very much the opposite. I’m still gonna take her and see if her and her girlfriend want to go surfing after the fight, regardless of the outcome.”

– Quotes via The MMA Fight Corner.

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