Rory MacDonald Does Not Think GSP Is Done With Fighting

“I don’t think he’s gone for good. But maybe he needs some time. People have no idea the kind of pressure it is to fight, and I have no idea what kind of pressure it to hold the belt for (six years). Before that he was headlining cards since he was younger than I am right now. That’s a lot of pressure. That’s a lot of interviews. That’s a lot of work, and the guy, he’s a machine. For someone to be able to do that, to carry a belt for that long, and to be a headliner for that long, it wears on you. He needs a break.”

While on yesterday’s edition of “The MMA Hour” top UFC welterweight, Rory MacDonald, discussed his thoughts on teammate and UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre.

The world has been clamoring to know the future of the sports biggest draw and if we are to believe MacDonald, the champ will return.


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