Rory: ‘I’d never stab GSP in the back and fight him’

Rory MacDonald WINS

“He welcomed it. I never forgot it, either. A lot of people now are asking me to fight him, this and that. They don’t see the things that I got to see, that I appreciate. Not only as a martial artist, but for myself. I learned so much from him and I gained a lot from his kindness and what he gave to me. I’m not going to forget that and stab him in the back.”

“I think he’d just do superfights (If Rory became champ). I’m pretty sure. Almost 100 percent sure. You know what? Life’s not about money. Obviously, I’m doing this for money, also, but it has never been my goal to be a fucking billionaire. I’m going to live in the woods one day. Hunt, be weird, not have to listen to people call me a psycho all the time.”

In a recent interview with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast‘ (REPLAY), top UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald discusses his loyalty to his training partner, mentor, and former division champ, Georges St-Pierre.


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