Ronda Rousey Video: Before the “Rowdy” – Before they were famous

Take a quick trip down memory lane,  before the millions of fans,  a time when things were simple and life wasn’t about championships and belts.   Without question one of the UFC’s biggest stars to date, ranking #3 among people searched.

Ronda Rousey is on a fight hiatus for the time being and looks to return back to the octagon this summer.   Rousey has stated that she’ll be taking time off from fighting win or lose prior to UFC 193 in Melbourne.

“Rowdy” has amassed a ridiculous amount of fame in such a small window of time and could break more records to come in the future.  Will Rousey be prepared and make the necessary changes in her stand-up game to pose a realistic threat to Holm?

The reality of Rousey coming in with the exact same game plan and striking technique come UFC 200 will prove to be disastrous for the former champ if she doesn’t revamp her stand-up.

Enjoy the video.

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