Ronda Rousey Planning On Making 2015 Her “B*tches B*tch”


“Well this is kind of a colorful way to say it. But if 2014 was like it was my bitch, then 2015 is going to look like my bitch’s bitch. You have to remember, I’ve pretty much been fighting all my UFC fights with one leg. Now I feel better than I did even when I was 16 years old, when I got my first knee surgery. I really feel rejuvenated, like I just molted or something and I have a brand new body and I allowed myself to rest and recuperate.

“Even my mom, who is the biggest into working hard all of the time, more than anyone you would ever know in your life, was telling me that ‘you need to rest your body, it’s telling you something.’ And I’m very glad I did because when I cleaned up everything in my knee, we found out that I had arthritic spurs literally rubbing onto my ACL and it would’ve ruptured at any time. So we took care of everything just in time. I’m perfectly healthy and better than ever before, and I can just feel my body itching to fight again.”

During yesterday’s UFC 184 media call, Ronda Rousey talked about her ambitions for 2015.