Ronda Rousey: McMann Perfect Opponent To “Show what I’m capable of”

“A UFC title doesn’t really compare to the Olympics because they have new title fights all the time, but the Olympics could be one day in your whole life. And there’s no amount of pressure that can really ever compare to that. Just what it takes mentally to get through that, I don’t think you can recreate that in any other environment. So I expect [Sarah] to be ready to go when it comes to the day of the fight. We started at the amateur level at the exact same time. We’ve both been aware of each other since then, and I’ve been sure that our paths were gonna cross sometime. I’ve been excited to fight Sara for a while because I feel like I’ll really be able to show more of what I’m capable of than I’ve shown against some of my other opponents.”

Yesterday during Ronda’s media workout, she touched on her upcoming bout against Sarah McMann.

For the first time in history two undefeated olympic medalists will fight for a UFC title.

It all goes down this month at UFC 170.

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