Ronda Rousey Holds A Grudge, Will Break Cyborg’s Arm

“Oh Ronda will break her arm. I can say that right now. I’ll tell you two things; Ronda will break her arm, and Ronda will not go up in weight, and the reason she won’t apparently is because Cris Cyborg has missed weight multiple times. So if you have her fight at 140, she’s going to show up at 145 or 150.”

“So that’s the first thing. If she’s gonna miss 135, she can at least give Ronda 10 percent of the purse. And then secondly, she has kind of an inflated record, because if you look back at some of her matches, she’s fought woman who were 125 pounds and she’s 160.”

“You know that’s like Ronda fighting her little sister and her saying ‘oh look at me, I’m so dominant’. So I’m not impressed with her record, and of course failing the drug test thing. I almost feel like that’s sort of like when you get a DUI. That’s probably not the only time you were driving drunk.”

“So I’d say her whole record is under suspicion; certainly the one match she got caught at is under suspicion – not suspicion, it’s proven. And then there have been – you could look them up – several matches where she missed weight and was 20 pounds or more heavier than the other person. So under those conditions and going bragging [about] how dominant you are does not impress me. And the other thing is; I love Ronda, she’s a great person, she has many many wonderful qualities, but one thing about her is she holds a grudge, and she will break Cris Cyborg’s arm.”

“You know Ronda got a silver in the world’s, she got a bronze in the Olympics, she’s won the junior worlds, she’s won a lot of international Judo tournaments. And this is against women who have decades of experience trying to stop Olympic level Judo players from throwing and armbarring them.”

“So saying that Cris Cyborg is somehow magically going to be able to do that when Ronda’s been training this since she’s 11? I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think the first time Ronda gets her hands on her she’s going to knock her down and break her arm.”

“I just think it’s all a joke. It’s sort of like saying ‘could the guy who won the lightweight division in boxing, could he beat the heavyweight?” It’s just seems sort of a silly thing to be having a debate about, you know?”