Ronda Rousey Allegedly Broke Expendables 3 Producer’s Rib During Filming

“I remember the first thing we shot with Ronda, I actually got beaten up”, said Hughes. “Ronda’s first time ever on camera was the scene with Sly at a bar, and she’s really super-nervous. I went up and said, “‘Well, what do you do before a big fight?” And she says, “I like to spar in my room. I get that nervous energy out.” And I said, “So you need to hit something? Let’s find something to hit.” And she said, “But I want to hit you.” She was like, “Put your arms up.” And I’m thinking, “Ronda’s just going to do this.” put my hands up, and she goes WHAM! Next day, I was getting dressed and my kids were there at the time, my 7-year-old daughter said “What’s that?” And I had this huge black mark. I had a broken rib. And I said, “I got beaten up by an actress.”

Expendables 3 producer Patrick Hughes detailed the first time he worked with Ronda Rousey on set to Yard Barker.

Rousey didn’t deny punching Hughes, but insisted she didn’t break any ribs.

“He didn’t have a broken rib! I didn’t hit anything hard”

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