Ronda on Fighting “Cyborg”: ‘I’m Not Doing Backflips for a Cheating Con Artist’

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Ronda Rousey and Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino have a storied history of taking shots at each other, but Rousey may have dealt the final blow before the bout is made final.

While on a recent appearance of “The Howard Stern Show“, Rousey once again accused “Cyborg” of using performance enhancing drugs.

Rousey told Stern, “She’s very obviously been abusing performance-enhancing drugs for a long time, to the point her jawline, her hands and feet, everything is just morphed by what she’s done to her body.”

Howard Stern went on to suggest that Rousey allow the fight to happen with “Cyborg” at 145, while Rousey remains at 135. Rousey responded, “…I’m not going to do backflips for a cheating con artist. And to be honest, if you can make 145 juiced the f*** up on steroids, you can get off of them and move down. This chick, her whole life, has had advantages that she didn’t earn.”

Rousey went on to state that she was confident she would win despite the ten pound weight difference, but that “Cyborg” doesn’t deserve special treatment simply because it’d be a big money fight. “Of course I would [win despite the weight difference]. Would I do that? No. She’d have to make 135 just like everybody else, and would have to be clean just like everybody else. There’s no reason she should get a special set of rules just because she cheated for a long time and got a reputation.”

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