Ronda Explains Motivation From Being Homeless

Ronda Rousey serious

By now it’s pretty common knowledge that UFC champion Ronda Rousey went through a time in her life where she was living in her car and trying to find a place to live.

On Wednesday, while on ESPN’s SportsCenter as a co-host, Rousey once again talked about the situation and said that she’s never been more motivated than that time, when she was searching for a place to live.

Rousey explained the moment, saying that she got into an argument with her mom and decided not to go home, so she lived in her car until she found a place to live. She added that if you aren’t motivated when you’re homeless, than something’s probably wrong.

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“After the Olympics, I came home and I was at my mom’s while I was getting a job while I was looking for a place. I just got a job and me and my mom got into a big argument and so instead of going home, I stayed in my car until I found a place.”

“There’s no better way to get motivated than if you’re homeless. If you’re homeless and not hustling, you’ve got a problem because I was never more motivated to find a place than then.”

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