Ronda: ‘Cyborg is an embarrassment to women, the sport, and her country’

Ronda Rousey PNG

“I’m the champion. I fight whoever comes up. She’s the one who has options, not me. I’m exactly where I was when she left and she can come back and give it a try anytime. She’ll get what she deserves. She really embarrassed not just women’s MMA and the sport, she embarrassed her country, as well. I’m happy to set it straight.”

“She says she so ‘desperately’ wants [the fight]. Then how come the day after they announced out-of-competition drug testing in the UFC she asked to be released? If you so desperately wanted a fight you would come fight me, not run away. I think she’s saying one thing and doing another. I’ve always been [in the UFC]. I’m not going anywhere.”

“When I was Strikeforce champ she was in my weight class at 145 and she ran to 135 so she cannot fight me,” Cyborg told Submission Radio last week. “She’s trying to use my mistake saying, ‘Ah she don’t want to be in the UFC because of heavy doping tests,’ but she’s lying because I don’t go to the UFC because I have to cut for 135 and at the time when I talked to the UFC I wasn’t not ready for this.

“I think she keeps talking and keeps running and I think if I make 135 she cannot run anymore, because everybody, all the fans want to watch the fight and I think the only way for this fight to happen and to make her shut up is to make 135.”

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