Rogan: “Wanderlei Lifetime Ban Ridiculous’

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“I just think the penalty is way over the top. It’s one thing if you want to tell the guy he’s suspended for a year. Pretend as if you caught him for using steroids. If he got caught and it was his first time being caught it would be a nine month suspension. Instead of doing that they prohibit him from fighting for a f**king life. A whole life. He can’t be 80 and apply for a license for running from one drug test. I think that’s ridiculous.”

“You can’t do it like that. You’re sending a message that you have ultimate power and you’re unreasonable. That’s not reasonable. It’s one thing if they said, ‘Hey, we’re going to suspend you for two years’ like Chael Sonnen.

“Two years is big, but to say ‘You can never fight again, ever, because you ran [from] a test.’ He fucked up. He definitely fucked up. That’s so unprecedented. It’s so crazy. Even if they said they were going to suspend him for two years, man, that’s harsh as shit. There’s a big difference between a guy running from a drug test and a guy beating the fuck out of his kid with a stick or a guy knocking his girlfriend out in an elevator. Those are different things. That’s like some evil shit.”

“These [fighters] have been juking the system for a long time. Chael was the tip of the iceberg and when he got popped it sent a real message to everybody.

In a recent sitdown with Joey Diaz, UFC commentator Joe Rogan went off about the NSAC’s decision to ban Wanderlei Silva for life and more.

Here’s the replay:

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