Rogan Live Commentary Helped UFC 169’s Clint Hester ‘Not Blow His Wad’

UFC ringside commentator, Joe Rogan, is the best in the business.

His insightful and technical breakdowns of fights have been educating fans for years on the action happening inside the cage.

I always wondered if his, sometimes instructional, commentary ever made the ears of the fighter’s he’s talking about and according to UFC 169’s Clint Hester, they have.

From an interview with’s Michael Stets:

“Actually, this time I heard Joe Rogan. He helped me back off and not blow my wad. In the middle of the fight he was like ‘he should back off and not blow his wad.’ So I said alright, let me take a step back and open up another window.”

Hester went on to win his preliminary card bout via unanimous decision.

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