Rogan: ‘Fighters shouldn’t be forced to suffer for Reebok’

Joe Rogan

The flood gates have opened and nobody is holding back what they think about the newest details of the UFC and Reebok sponsorship deal. After it was announced the payout structures would be based around tenure-based tiers, fighters were optimistic. However, when the amounts were released the majority of fighters took to Twitter to voice their concern.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan voiced his concerns about the deal on his podcast, “Joe Rogan Experience“. He stated, “Whenever you see these guys complaining and talking about the difference in the amount of pay that they’re getting, that’s not good.” Rogan said.

Rogan is referencing the new payout structure: Fighters with 1 to 5 UFC bouts receive $2,500 per fight. 6 to 10 bouts will get a fighter $5,000. 11 to 15 gets you $10,000. 16 to 20 bouts get $15,000 and more than 21 bouts get $20,000. Title challengers with receive $30,000 while champions will earn $40,000.

Rogan even critiqued the top-tier of the payout structure, offering the idea that champions should get more than $40,000. “Even the champs get 40 grand. The best guys in the world get 40 grand? That just doesn’t seem like enough to me. It just doesn’t.”

Rogan doesn’t like to see the fighters suffer, and thinks the deal should be reassessed. “It’s great to have a big sponsor like Reebok involved, but not if the fighters have to suffer.”

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