Rogan Defends ‘Rousey vs. A UFC Man’ Comments

“People got upset when I said that I think she could beat a lot of men in her weight class. They don’t know. They’ve never rolled with a girl who is really good. Technique is paramount and her technique is so laser sharp. If she got in there with a guy who doesn’t have that good of technique, just because he’s a man, the physical strength, the benefits of being a male, whatever advantages he may have, aren’t necessarily going to counter the technique that she has when they’re the same weight.”

“She competes at 135 pounds. OK, if you deal with her versus a guy at 170 like Johny Hendricks, Jesus, of course that’s a mismatch. Johny Hendricks is a powerful, big strong man and he’d most likely beat her up. But talking about a guy who is her weight and then even if he’s physically stronger than her, maybe he can hit harder, but how much of a technical advantage does she have on the ground? She could easily catch you in something in a scramble. Easily. She’s one, two, three, four steps ahead of you.”

“I was talking to Jorge Gurgel about her at the last UFC and he’s like, ‘That’s when I bowed down to Ronda.’ That’s how he said it. Jorge is a BJJ black belt, as well. He was like, ‘Yea, she’s got good armbars but sometimes she does things I don’t agree with. Maybe her knees are a little too wide apart. She’s catching these girls. Maybe she’s catching these girls because they’re not too technical. He goes, ‘When she hit that armbar on Zingano 14 seconds in, look, I gotta bow down. That some high level technique.’ Just the ability to adjust. That language that she has in her head. She’s so articulate with the language of submissions, in her case, armbars.”