Rockhold Slams Bisping, Says He’s In For A Rude Awakening

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping don’t face off in the Octagon until this Saturday, but have continued to trade verbal shots at one another.

In a recent conference call with media members, which was transcribed by MMAWeekly, Rockhold slammed Bisping for breaking the golden rule of ‘not discussing what happens in the gym publicly’.

“The thing is, when Michael and I was sparring, he was the one shooting. He was the one trying to wrestle, and I wasn’t even standing southpaw. I switched my stance. I’m very confident on my feet. I’m going to out-strike him.”

“I’m just going to look to showcase my skills in this fight. I’m very happy about fighting Michael, and I’m going to go in there and perform,”

“It’s definitely a bonus to shut his mouth and set the record straight on that note. He’s a guy that I really haven’t respected along the way for how he’s carried himself around the sport,” added the Californian. “I’ve been around a while. I hear a lot of things. I see a lot of things. I really don’t care for the guy. I’m looking forward to shutting him up and silencing a lot of people.”

“People love a feud, a genuine feud, and this is what they’re getting. I don’t like the guy,”

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