Rockhold Says Beating Vitor Is What’s Pure and Right

“I want to be the champion. I don’t want to be no paper champion. To be the true champion and be the best in the world, I believe I should beat Vitor Belfort, so that is the reason behind it. I don’t think that spinning-heel kick really tells who the better fighter is out of the two of us and I think I’ve jumped to another level now, and I want to return the favor.”

“I just think there was a lot of shady stuff and I’ve already put it out there. Something happened with that test. The random test that somehow pulled him from the title fight. He had the opportunity to release those test results and if he was clean and clear, why wouldn’t he? Obviously that speaks volumes.”

“He’s already been caught for steroids, cleared for TRT. There’s a lot of things that Vitor’s done that pops out at you, throws a lot of red flags and I’d like to fight him for a lot of reasons. I think most people understand the sport, know, are true fans and follow and know the deal is and they know why I want to fight him. There are a lot ignorant fans that will be on his bandwagon, but I’m in it for the purity and for fighting for what’s right.”

In a recent interview with Darce side Radio, Luke Rockhold discussed his desire to rematch Vitor Belfort.

The former Strikeforce champ got knocked out by Belfort in round 1 of their May, 2013 main event.

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