Rockhold Responds: ‘Weidman fought a deflated Vitor… I’m better than the champ everywhere!’

Luke Rockhold WINS

Potential title challenger Luke Rockhold is doing everything he can to secure a fight with the champ Chris Weidman.

The two have been making small comments about each other lately. Weidman acted like he wasn’t all that amazed by Rockhold’s performance and Rockhold claims Weidman didn’t do anything great when he beat a ‘deflated’ Vitor Belfort.

Here’s what Rockhold had to say about that and about Weidman saying he isn’t great anywhere, when he talked to Bleacher Report.

“[Weidman] fought a deflated Belfort. Vitor had no heart. Look at the difference in him when he showed up last week to what we’ve seen in the past. Chris is a tough guy, but that fight didn’t prove anything. Vitor had one burst, and then he was done. He quit.”

“I’m better than him everywhere. I see it as a fight that will be on the feet. He’s used to guys that don’t want to go to the ground with him, but I don’t mind the ground. I am going to control the fight and I’m going to get in his face. I’m not going anywhere.”



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