Rockhold On Weidman: ‘I’m dirtier and grittier than any of these motherf*ckers’

Rockhold Beating Machida

In what is one of the most anticipated upcoming fights, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman will take on Luke Rockhold.

The fight will go down at UFC 194, in the co-main event slot ahead of Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor. Rockhold is coming off of a thrashing of former champ Lyoto Machida and Weidman just blasted through Vitor Belfort.

Another fun part of this fight? The constant back and forth between the two.

Recently Weidman came out and said that he thinks Rockhold is insecure and doesn’t believe he can actually win. Rockhold responded with a comment about Weidman’s kicks being similar to those of Michael Bisping….a double burn.

Here are even more fun bits from Rockhold, via FOX Sports, where he talks about people overlooking him and believing he’s not capable of getting gritty inside the cage.

“I’ll be ready if the fight is quick, but I don’t even much like to come out real fast. I like to get my range and feel out my opponent. Maybe people overlook me because of the way I talk or the way I look. I don’t know. But I’m grittier than any of these mother f**kers.

“I think Weidman brings out the best in me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fight goes long and hard. I bet we go a couple rounds, first. He’s survived on his toughness and grit. But, he also fades late into the fight. I won’t. If it goes long and gets dirty, I’m dirtier than any of these motherf**kers.”

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