ROCKHOLD NATION! ‘I’m the Most Well-Rounded Fighter in the Game’

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Luke Rockhold

“Yeah, he’s definitely a difficult guy if you let him be that way. If you take away his momentum in the cage it can work against him in many ways. Controlling the ring is huge. Me, being the bigger guy, people underestimate my footwork. They don’t know my subtleties and feints and that’s going to play a big factor. He’s fought some good guys, but I can strike with him, cut the corners, wrestle him, and he has to worry about every aspect of my game.

“I’ll fight my fight. I’m going to control the cage, strike with him, and make him think about my takedowns. If he’s taken to the ground, he’ll get into trouble, and it’ll open up my striking. The key is MMA, and I’m the most well-rounded fighter in the game. If I put it all together, I don’t have to worry about too much.”

Luke Rockhold is not holding back this week as he is laying the smackdown on every microphone he comes across this week. Rockhold is just one of the big fish in the small middleweight pond— but he tells MMAFighting he’s the most well-rounded fighter in the game.

Luke Rockhold will be stepping into the octagon this Saturday as he prepares for a possible title-eliminator bout with Lyoto Machida. Who do you have coming out on top?


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