Rockhold: ‘Marijuana shouldn’t be on the banned substance list’

Luke Rockhold

I don’t think it’s a performance enhancer by any means. I don’t smoke it anymore, but I used to smoke weed when I was in high school, and I understand where Diaz is coming from. He has a medical marijuana card. It’s like he’s licensed to smoke. I barely see how he should be punished for that. I understand that it’s on the banned substance list in our sport, but it shouldn’t be. It’s a joke that Nick will likely suffer a heavier consequence than Anderson will, simply because Anderson’s test was off by a few days, making it “out of competition.” How does a guy get popped, it’s made public, yet likely he won’t receive any real penalty? I don’t care if you have a fight scheduled or not, if you get popped for steroids, you should be punished.

In a new interview with’s Steph Daniels, top UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold discussed several topics, including Marijuana in MMA.

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