Rockhold: ‘It’s Not if Vitor Was Cheating, It’s HOW MUCH!’

Dana White and the UFC might be unsure about the next middleweight title challenger, but it’s apparent that one man is very, very sure.

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold was everywhere after UFC 187, doing interviews for FOX Sports and backstage interviews with Ariel Helwani. The AKA fighter truly believes that it’s his time to shine and thinks that the title shot belongs to him.

While speaking with Helwani, Rockhold had plenty to say about his former opponent Vitor Belfort.

“As nice as it would have been to fight Vitor, get my hands on some chicken neck, I wish nothing good for him. He doesn’t deserve it. I wanted to see Vitor get beat up. I’m happy he got what he deserved.”

“Had Vitor come out with his initial steroid burst, the fight would have been over. But he didn’t look the same, even though he was still cheating.”

“I truly believe that. Test results don’t come out like that. Testosterone doesn’t fluctuate for an older man like that. It is not if he’s cheating, it’s how much is he cheating. To look like that and still be using is pretty sad, man.”

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