Roan Carneiro Claims Oklahoma Commission Robbed Him Of 30% Of His Purse

Roan Jucao Carneiro

Following his tournament win this past Saturday at BattleGrounds MMA O.N.E tournament, Roan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro is accusing the Oklahoma Athletic Commission of taking 30% of his $50,000 in prize winnings.

He spoke to MMAFighting about the situation:

“They robbed me, man.”

“They took 30 percent of my money. They said I was late for a physical after the weigh-ins, but I did everything they asked and was never late to anything. They never notified me.”

“I heard they can only fine you up to $2,500 for any serious misconduct or if I’m late for anything. When the promotion paid me after the win, live and inside the cage, they already had discounted the 30 percent. I tried to contact the commission, but they had already left the arena. They didn’t even talk to me.”

BattleGrounds MMA President Kenny Monday spoke to Ariel Helwani about the situation.

“They said it was because he was an hour and half late for medical check. I thought that was excessive but it was out of our hands. We told him he should try and appeal. Commission was very tight with rules especially tournament athletes. I think because of the tournament and all the pressure on them they were very sensitive.

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