RIP! BJJ Fighter Dies After Rear-Naked-Choke

Jiu-Jitsu isn’t a sport where you see a lot of deadly injuries. Unlike fighting, boxing and other high impact sports, BJJ doesn’t involve strikes or big throws. However, major injuries do happen and unfortunately Globo is reporting that a 32-year-old jujitsu student in Brazil has died, several days after being choked with a RNC during class.

A 32-year jujitsu student died in Brasilia due to a hold known as “rear naked choke” during a class on 21 September in Ceilândia. The family says that Napoleon José Alves was taken to a public hospital for two days straight and did not receive care because the case was not considered serious. A few days later he was treated, but was found brain dead.

The family of the man said he was feeling bad and they took him to the hospital following being choked in class. He allegedly did not receive proper treatment and was told that his situation wasn’t serious. Days later, he died.

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