Riddle Wants To Fight CM Punk & Dana White At The Same Time

Matt Riddle
“Dana White’s a b-tch. He knows he’s a b-tch. He was born a b-tch. That’s why his mom named him Dana. It really don’t matter. I know he ain’t going to hire me back-I don’t want that job. I’m going to run sh-t in the WWE. If they don’t hire me, I’m going to run sh-t in TNA. If they don’t hire me, I’m going to run sh-t in New Japan. If they don’t hire me, I’ll f-king find somewhere else and I’ll still make a living.”

“Dude, not only would I fight CM Punk; I’d break his f-king jaw in the first round. No disrespect to CM Punk. I know he’s training hard and he means well but that’s just what it is and he ain’t a beast like I am. He’s a wannabe. But… I would like to fight CM Punk and Dana White at the same time in a handicap match in the octagon and you make that UFC 189, baby… Not only is that a challenge, it’s a threat.”

In a recent interview with Dobashi’s Radio Takedown, former UFC fighter Matt Riddle decided to go off on the Dana White and CM Punk.

Riddle was famously removed from his UFC contract for smoking too much pot, and not giving a cr*p about it.