Ricardo Lamas Brings Back Uncomfortable McGregor Impersonation


Top UFC featherweight Ricardo Lamas should leave the comedy to the professionals, and the trash-talking.

In a new interview with Submission Radio, Lamas brought back Conrad Mcgillicutty, the UFC fighter’s piss-poor attempt at insulting Conor McGregor.

Check it:

“Because [my chest tattoo is] really intimidating,” explained McGillicutty. “You know it’s a giraffe eating a person’s arm off and that’s what I do. I go into fights and I chew people’s arms off.”

“I kick their arms clean off”

“I see myself getting punched in the face a lot,” he said. “That’s about it”

“One time I made out with a transvestite in a bar,” he said, adding “but don’t tell anyone that.”

If you want more embarrassment hit play below.