Report: WWE Fallout Could Lead To Lesnar-Mir III At MSG

Brock Lesnar, Dana White

Industry insider Dave Meltzer is talking heavy about heavyweights.

The WWE and MMA expert lays out some really intersting information regarding the WWE’s deal with Brock Lesnar, and how that could potentially lead to a Mir vs. Lesnar III fight in Madison Square Garden.

Interesting read if nothing else, however, everyone in this business respects what Meltzer says, and so should you.

Via The Wrestling Observer (Subscription required):

Lesnar had made arrangements with Dana White at least a couple of days earlier to appear at the show. It wasn’t a last minute thing, although everyone kept it secret. UFC itself pushed him being there.

Those in UFC had expected for some time that Lesnar would be returning, beginning with a fight with Frank Mir. Mir had brought up the night before Lesnar’s issue with McMahon, about potentially fighting Lesnar, noting that if he didn’t win his 2/22 fight over Antonio Silva, he wouldn’t get what he acknowledged would be his highest profile match possible.

The situation remained unresolved as of press time. Lesnar was not in Newark, NJ, for Raw on 3/2, but he was not scheduled for the date. He was scheduled to be on the 3/9 Raw in Pittsburgh and is expected to be on that show. The feeling is that he’s got a contract and missing a second date, particularly during the Mania build, would fracture the relationship badly. One person noted that Lesnar missing any of his four last dates would pretty well force a termination after Mania, although WWE does forgive if someone’s star power is big enough. Even if Lesnar has decided he’s leaving, and if the new contract is anything like the last two, that would on the outside feel like a mistake, it’s still preferable to be negotiating between three big companies (UFC, Viacom and WWE) as two. Although most feel that even though he could make money and beat lesser heavyweights in Bellator, that they are not in the running, because Lesnar only wants to be with the top organization. The idea is if he’s going to compete in a sport, he’s competing to be the best, and he can’t be that in Bellator.

The bill to legalize professional MMA (yes, the silly laws of New York allow MMA, as long as the fighters DON’T get paid) passed through the New York State senate tourism committee. The bill has passed in the senate the past several years, but always stalls in the assembly. With Sheldon Silver out of power, there is the hope that they can get it passed this year and run Madison Square Garden in the fall. An idea that would make sense, if Lesnar actually signs, would be to put Lesnar vs. Mir as part of a double main event for the MSG debut show. With Jon Jones and Chris Weidman both from New York, one or the other would be the likely first main eventer if both are still champions if/when they are allowed to run there.