Report: Mayweather Does Not Go Out On Top –– Berto PPV Numbers Disappoint

This past Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. rode off into the sunset after beating Andre Berto and said sayonara, retiring like he said he would.

Mayweather goes out 49-0 and is the biggest name in boxing and one of the biggest in all of sports. Is he the greatest boxer of all time? That seems to be up for debate.

‘Money’ Mayweather’s final fight was anything but epic, especially coming off of the world-wide event that was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. He took on Berto, who was 3-3 in his last six fights coming into Saturday and it showed during the fight.

This was basically just a show for Mayweather to dance around and coast to one final win. He did and now he’s gone. But, it looks like he didn’t exactly go out on top, as far as his final PPV event goes.

After pulling in 4.4 million PPV buys earlier this year with the Pacquaio fight, Mayweather reportedly might have only grabbed around 550,000 this time around. According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, who tweeted the news, saying his source told him that was a ‘generous estimate.’

Well, let’s be honest, Mayweather doesn’t care. He gone.

Did you guys bother watching last Saturday, if so, what did you think of the event?

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