REPORT: Fighters to sue UFC for $100s of millions in class action lawsuit

Dana White head scratch broke this story after a pair of their writers investigated rumors of a potential class action lawsuit against the UFC from both current fighters, and former fighters.

This is what their investigation turned up:

The class action lawsuit stems from the fighters believing that the UFC has abused its “market power” to force a monopoly by essentially strangling the free market available to fighters.

The sources BloodyElbow spoke to, consider the lawsuit a “game changer,” with the fighters filing the suit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to their purse, sponsorship money, video game rights, and more.

Interestingly enough, BloodyElbow is reporting that the companies the fighters will be filing the lawsuit through are major law firms that, according to a fighter they spoke to, are “major players” and “These are not people [the UFC] will be able to out-spend.”

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

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