Report Details Bizarre Jose Aldo Drug Testing Fiasco––Brazilian Tester Asked For Autograph

Jose Aldo



Things got weird back before Jose Aldo pulled out of UFC 189 when a Ben Mosier, who was sent by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, tried to go to Brazil to collect a urine sample from the champ for a random drug test.

He was detained by local authorities and told he could not do the test because of an issue with his visa. Now, in a report from Drug Free Sport COO Chris Guinty, the situation is explained in detail and it shows some strange actions on the part of the CABMMA, Brazil’s Athletic Commission.

The report details how Mosier was stopped from conducting the original test and how the CABMMA DCO that eventually assisted in doing the test asked for an autograph and a picture, which is strange to say that least.

Upon completion of the testing event, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO requested an autograph from José Aldo in a magazine he had brought to the collection event and to take a picture with José Aldo; both requests were granted.

Check out the full report with all the details HERE.

In a nutshell the report shows that there were a lot of unusual happenings. From the visa issue, to the CABMMA giving Aldo more time, when he didn’t show up at the scheduled time. It also talks about how when Aldo finally did show up for the test he dropped the first sample and had to do another one. Check it out for all the strange details.

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