REPLAY! White And Fertitta Show Up In Court To Support Jones

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The support that the UFC’s shown for their former light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, has been pretty outstanding. They’ve been quick to release statements about his status and even though they did end up stripping him and suspending him, they’ve essentially been by his side throughout the whole ordeal. Tuesday, at his court hearing it was no different.

In attendance were UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and president Dana White. It’s nice to see the promotion backing its fighters right? Well sort of.

First off, it’s strange to see him getting so much support for committing a felony. There is no alleged here. The guy plead guilty to fleeing the scene of a hit and run, where a pregnant women broke her arm. Is he sorry? I’m sure he is and remorseful and humbled, but the fact still remains that he did that. The second thing worth bringing up for the sake of it, is that there has still been no official statement from the UFC regarding Nick Diaz’s five-year suspension. Yes, it’s a different situation and can’t be compared to one another, but so what.

The UFC literally just put out a one paragraph statement saying that they know about Jones’ hearing and will review it before reinstating him. So why have they not put out a statement at the very least just saying, hey we know what’s going on and we’ll wait until it plays out to comment on it any further? It just seems silly and shows a side of the business that’s less than appealing. Jones is essentially the poster boy for the UFC, champ, makes them a lot of money, therefore gets support. Gross.

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